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by - Monday, April 01, 2013

" Even a single person can change the world...
make the impossible, possible..
Break the shackles of old values and discover a new common sense
NEXT INNOVATION will give a shock to the world!" -Tohru Hyuga, CEO of Next Innovation -

"If you start something new, it has to meet failure, it has to be criticized. This is where the creation process begins!" -Aoyama-

     Last week, on the Monday (25th March 2013), I spent my all night to watch a Japanese drama entitled "Rich Man, Poor Woman". Sincerely, I'm not the person who loves to watch drama. Thats why I can finish the whole 11 episodes only for a night due to the so many skipping. But, skipping episode doesn't mean I don't know what the story is all about. Never mind about the "skipping" topic. What I want to say here is, through this story, I'd learn so many things. 

     For your information, this story is about a girl who just finished her study at University of Tokyo (one of the most top university in the world). The story starts with she's doing a job hunting but out of all 30 jobs that she's applying, she got none of them. Despite the fact that she's one of the excellent students graduated from University of Tokyo, there is nothing special about her (only for her excellent memory is excluded). On the other hand, the "hero" is a CEO of a growing IT company in Japan named Next Innovation. The man is just a high-school graduated student yet he's a genius. He, alone, can make a very creative, innovative and practical new interface in just 2 days. Then, the girl and the guy meet each other and they start working together. What so special about this story is I love the way Tohru Hyuga, the hero, thinks and I really excited by just looking at the way he operates the Next Innovation (yes I know. this is just a story and he's just an actor who just memorized and followed the script but i just love the story line. It's brilliant!)

    I'm not promoting this drama but what I want to say here is, sometimes watching dramas is not wasting our times because from there we can learn so many things that we never learn in the real life. So, what I get from this drama are:

(1) Education is important but sometimes, education means nothing to us. What I mean is, we learn but we never take and understand what we learn. Some of us just think on how to pass the exam, they memorize so many things to pass the exam but how many of them that really learn what education tell them? 

(2) Hunting for a job is not as easy as you can pass the exam. If you think it is hard to pass the exam, then, hunting for a job is more difficult and challenging than that. We always think and hope to graduate early because we always think that working is much easier than studying. but we're all wrong. The truth is working is more difficult than studying. When studying, we have books with us, we just need to read and memorize to pass the exam but when you're doing a job, you don't have a book with you and you can't memorize a book because the real thing is not as same as what stated in a book. So, for the students like me, appreciate your time as a student. Believe me, you'll miss that time in the future, when you're working.

(3) Make the impossible, possible. We always make an excuse when we can't do something. For example, you've been told by your lecturer to create a new thing like sell rabbit burger in your hostel or design a red color of bulldozer, then you say you can't. How can it be? You never try to make it yet you say you can't? It is a cowardly excuse. Try to make it as a challenge to you. When you make the impossible, possible to you, then it means you're open to create new things. Mind that!

(4) Don't give up so easily when your idea is being criticized by others and when you failed to create what you want to create. Everyone knows the story of Thomas Edison when he was creating the bulb. He succeeded during his 1000th tries. You know what? When you introduce something that is new to the world, people will always criticize that new thing because the thing is new to them. Usually, something that's not being criticized by others is not a new thing because they already used to that thing. Thats why, If you start something new, it has to meet failure, it has to be criticized because this is where the creation process begins!

(5) The people who're useful to everyone are the one who're always contributing new innovations, new ideas to the world. Then, this is what I say, what I think, "The muslim that is useful to Islam is the productive one, the one who's always contributing new ideas, new innovation to Islam." Now, tell me... What is your next innovation? The innovation that will rise Islam in the eye of the world. What is yours??

That's all. Wassalam. 

*p/s: Don't forget to determine what is your NEXT INNOVATION! :)

" Say, "Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah , Lord of the worlds. " (Ali-Imran 6: 162)

" O you who have believed, if you support Allah , He will support you and plant firmly your feet. " (Muhammad 47:7)


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