Blogging Tutorials: Remove [Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)] Link On Blogspot

by - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

     If you are wondering if there is a code to remove the feed link at the bottom of a post, the one which says Post (Atom) without affecting anything, yes! it is. On your blog, you can locate this links below every post or page, near to the page navigation. In every post page, there is a link like “Subscribe to: Post Comments(Atom)”. In every page other then post page it may be like “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)

This is how it looks on every page other than post page
This is how it looks on every post page

How To Hide This Links?

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard > Design tab > Edit HTML tab
  2. Check Expand Widget Templates checkbox
  3. Then search for the following line of code and remove it (to search, press Ctrl + F button)

4. Finally Save Your template.

How To Hide This Links By CSS?

You may also use CSS to hide the links rather than modify the template directly. You just need to copy the below code and paste it before tag.

 if the above code doesn't work on your blog, you can use the below code. Copy and Paste it also before tag.

Source: and

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